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Our world is in motion. We bring a revolution. Comprehensive strategies, expressive names, appealing signals, wilder dreams.

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A name

A brand name is more than just a word you read or a sound you hear. A brand name sparks desire.

A signal

A logo strikes the eye, reaches the mind and awakens passion.

A design

Designing a brand is defining the core of its singularity.

An ethos

Branding is bringing your ethos to life.

Miss Winter

“Professional collaboration with Geoffroy when we worked together on the design of our graphic chart for our first Travel Retail seminar. He had a sharp understanding of our first request, adding value to our approach, enriching our discussions to make the brief more meaningful.. Finally , from a simple Save the date, we extended the scope of work to a complete graphic chart and a 10 minutes video, requesting many exchanges and back & forth to make it happen. The quality of execution, given the materials available, was at the level of our expectations. The result was very successful and well received.”

Catherine Winter / CARTIER Travel retail
Arnaud Bastien

”I was very satisfied by our collaboration with Geoffroy Renard on our special event “Les Extraordinaires ». The logo has been created and crafted matching our expectations, underlining the spirit of elegance and exclusivity of our brand.”

Arnaud Bastien / GRAFF, High Jewellery